F16- In The Doghouse Fountain Assortment

F16- In The Doghouse Fountain Assortment

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In The Doghouse Fountain Assortment by World Class

Check out this set of 6 power packed fountains exclusive to this set from World Class.

Awesome fountain variety with consistent high quality performances. 6 fountains in this great dog themed fountain box.

Barker- Beautiful golden color, bright red flare, and lots of crackle.

Silly- Featuring crackling and blue stars

Thief- Colorful dog themed fountain firework.

Roughhousing- Featuring blue rain, crackling chrysanthemum, and silver flying dragon effects.

Fabulous- Very colorful jelly bean fountain with dog themed label.

Lover- Golden color with lots of color and crackle.

Click this link for the performance!